Rome Casino

Rome Casino

Rome Casino comes with lots of great games. There are different types of games as well as different betting ranges. There are great video poker games, Blackjack, Slots, Keno as well as Roulette. There are many games that come with Bonus Rounds.

Rome Casino has on offer multi-tabbed gaming.

It is possible to download their software. It is compatible with different OS. The Minimum requirements are the following: 8 MB of hard disk space, Pentium 133 MHz, as well as 16 MB of RAM.


There is a good Gladiator Referral Program

Rome Casino has on offer a good “Gladiator Referral” Program. You can refer your friend to this great casino and contact their customer service. After your friends make their deposit, you will get a 15% of their deposit.

You can also win a great trip to Rome

Rome Casino has on offer this great promotion all the time. There is no need to do anything special to win this trip, but play. You will enter this incentive automatically.

Customer Support

Rome Casino comes with a great customer support. There are several contact options available.

There is a good live chat option that can be used from their software. It is also possible to use a form from their website. There is also a phone number that is available at 1-800-903-4283. There is also fax 1-703-991-8879. There is [email protected] that can also be used.


  • There are awesome games
  • Their software is very easy to download
  • There are great promos as well as bonuses
  • There is a good live online support
  • American players are welcomed


  • There are no games for Mac users